1. What is Chiropractic? Chiropractic is the science, art and philosophy of locating and correcting interference in the nervous system through specific gentle adjustments thus allowing the body to function at its optimal potential.
  2. What is an adjustment? A specific, non-invasive “thrust” delivered by the hand or using a specialized instrument.  It is fast and not painful. The purpose of the adjustment is to remove nerve interference in your body.
  3. Will my adjustment hurt? The adjustment should be pain-free, although sometimes there is a soreness similar to a good workout. Children, only a few hours old, are adjusted safely. We adjust numerous practice members ranging in age from birth to 90!
  4. Can you help my sick child? I help lots of children and their parents rave about how healthy their child is because they are getting adjusted. I don’t know if I can help your child or not. I will never guess about anyone’s health, especially not your child. My best advice is to schedule an appointment to have your child checked and I’ll tell you then, in confidence if I can help your child or not. Children respond incredibly well to chiropractic care!
  5. How many times do I have to come? Each patient is unique on every level; therefore it is virtually impossible for us to know exactly how many adjustments you will need to hit each of your health goals. However, one truth we do know is that your goals expectations have 100% to do with the number of times you visit us.
  6. Will I feel better after getting an adjustment? Many people feel relief from pain almost immediately after an adjustment.  We are excited with and for them that their body quickly responds. It’s also possible that your pain may require several to may adjustments to fade. Your care is unique to you and how your body heals and responds is also unique. Many report instantly feeling “clearer” in their head and a surge of energy and vitality after their adjustment. There are a number of scientific studies that document that those receiving chiropractic care experience a 200% increase in immune system strength as well as a host of other benefits including: increased mental acuity, greater ability to cope with stress, and much more. The importance is on quality of life rather than disease outcomes. We have a saying around our office; “How you are feeling is not always congruent with how you are healing.”
  7. Will chiropractic care be expensive? Considering the benefits, the experience at True Health Chiropractic, the inclusiveness of our services, and the cost of providing you with the best health care, our fees are very reasonably priced and offer priceless value! When you are unhealthy, you often cannot work, your relationships suffer, you miss out on life’s golden opportunities, and you are robbed of fully experiencing life. This makes care affordable for the whole family.
  8. What services do you offer? We offer state-of-the-art chiropractic care, deep tissue and therapeutic massage, exercise & nutrition programs, health & wellness education programs and much more. True Health Chiropractic creates a true community of patients who care about their health and the well-being of those around them.
  9. How long will it take to get adjusted? Even the busiest patients commit to making chiropractic care a priority in their lives. Your initial appointment may take as much as an hour; however, your regular appointment will take about 5 minutes. If you want to schedule extra time, one-on-one to talk about a particular issue, just ask and we will schedule  appropriately.
  10. What if I feel fine; do I need to keep coming back? That is always up to you; however it has been our experience that those who stop care when they are “feeling fine” generally return with the same problem, only it’s usually worse. On the other hand, those who commit to regular care find their problem rarely returns. As well, they enjoy a higher quality of life and health!