True Health Chiropractic

Kayla W.

I first started seeing Dr. Shaft in high school. I was having some problems with my lower back and sacral area and being a student athlete it was important to be able to move and function pain free. I have since been seeing Dr. Shaft on and off through the years. Last year I got into a car accident where my car was totaled and I had severe neck and back pain. For the past year both Dr. Shaft and Dr. Dockery have been nothing short of amazing with helping me with adjustments, home exercises, and trigger point therapy. I can definitely tell when I go too long between appointments and feel so much better after leaving their office. The whole staff is very nice and knowledgeable. I look forward to using True Health for the years to come.

Paula D.

My entire family has been seeing Dr Shaft for at least the last 10 years.He has been a GREAT help on a regular basis.Every issue my daughters have had due to gymnastics, soccer, and dance he has helped them through. I totally trust him, he works wonders!!

Ruby C.

The people here are wonderful and extremely helpful! Regardless of your insurance, they work well with you. There are no long wait times and rescheduling is really easy. I highly recommend this office.

Ashlay W.

I was a chiropractor skeptic until my daughter who had been suffering with pain for months could not find answers from other docs. This office was recommended to us and she found relief in about 3 weeks after seeing Dr Shaft and Dr Dockery. These doctors care so much about each patient that walks through the door. They never gave up on my girl as so many had before. I highly recommend this office. And I am no longer a skeptic. I’m a believer.

Intissar S.

Dr. Dockery was a life changer throughout my entire pregnancy. I had so much discomfort and every time I would call for an appointment, they were so helpful and able to get me in on weekends to get adjusted. I went into labor with little discomfort and a much easier delivery than my first pregnancy thanks to him! I believe that he is his patients best interest at heart with the amount of time he dedicates to them. My entire family, including our 4 year old look forward to visits and are so excited we are able to go somewhere close and also flexible as often as needed. Thanks for making things easier for all of us and investing the time you do to make us better :).

True Health Chiropractic

Elle P.

Dr. Shaft is the first Doctor to treat me with integrity, respect and made me feel like a unique individual. With my spinal fusion, arthritis and many other medical issues, He always takes His time in fielding all my questions and concerns. I would recommend him even to the most skeptical of future Chiropractic patients. He gives helpful factual information regarding nutrition, exercise and wellness. God Bless Dr. Jeremy Shaft and his family. Changed my life for the absolute best.

I have been going here for almost 20 yrs – couldn’t ask for a more kind and caring pair of doctors and staff. Feels more like you are going to visit friends than it does going to the doctor. In addition, (and probably most importantly) they keep me feeling great and help manage my arthritis. I really couldn’t recommend them enough!

Lisa B.

I just want to let people know who has back problems and think cant see a chiropractor, they can .. my fiend told me about this office and how nice they are and how they could help me. So I went and they seen me with no insurance and was affordable and worked with me. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt after getting adjusted and he took xrays all on the same day. I would recommend them to anyone, they care about their patients and they are reasonable on prices. very affordable..

Greg U.

I had a long time sports injury that I thought I would just have to live with. Dr. Shaft listened and cared and figured out a treatment that actually worked AND improved my bodies performance on and off the court!!! He is Personable, Caring, and Professional.

The office is very kid friendly. Staff has always been knowledgeable, warm, and accommodating to all ages and ailments. I’ve been a patient here for 17 years and my son has been adjusted weekly by Dr. Legel since he was just two weeks old.